Intel XDK - orientation problems

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  • latest update if iOS i guess messed up things becouse mine screen lock is not working anymore...

    Does anyone have a fix?

  • So. I used that plugin for the previous version of my app but now it stopped working.

    I want my app to work in landscape only. Android worked fine, but ios did not.

    After hours of tinkering with XDK and plugins (and C2's lock orientation action) the best I managed was that the app started in portrait and then after I changed to landscape locked correctly. It was clearly unacceptable though.

    So, I just abandonded XDK and did ios version through phonegap cli + xcode (also installed admob as a plugin). It worked fine and locked correctly.

    I just can't recommend XDK for ios builds.

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  • Hey guys

    If you intend to build using CLI 5, include this lines on top of the intelxdk.config.additions.xml

    <platform name="ios">
        <preference name="Orientation" value="landscape" />
    It works very well.
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