How To Integrate Youtube Monetized Vids Into Your Games!

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  • From my tutorial here:

    If you have a monetized Youtube account you can easily include a link to your videos to make some extra revenue from your games.

    You will need a monetized Youtube account and that requires a Google Adsense account.

    You can get all that info here:

    How to earn money from your Youtube videos:

    Once you have your monetized Youtube account you need some videos and I use videos of my games to explain or demonstrate the game or promote a new game.

    This is my latest game and what I want you to notice is the advertisement that plays before my video because THAT is how I make money.

    Turn off any addblocker you have on please or you will miss the point of this tutorial.


    Now those video ads pay a whole lot more than any click banner you put in your games so you should be including those videos in your games and it is very easy to do.

    You need some place in your game to have a banner link or a pause in your game where you ask your user to watch a short video before resuming the game.

    I have a new football themed game so I have quarter and half time pauses and this is the picture for my half time pause:

    This is a perfect time for a break and the users do not even have to watch the video and they just click on it and it opens in a new window so it does not interfere with their game and the video will show the youtube google adsense ads and my game video in that other window. The game resumes and they continue playing.

    I get paid for having the ads on my youtube videos and I have been using monetized ads on my vidoe's since they first started allowing that and my average income from those ads is over $700 a month and I have made as much as $1500 a month from youtube ads.

    I make money from the advertisements even if you don't watch them but my videos are also designed to attract you to my other videos (more advertising) and to other products I sell from my website and to products I promote from Amazon so I get multiple streams of revenue from just one simple game video link in one game.

    You will need to add the WEB object to your games so you can link to your videos and then decide where would be best to put those ads but after that they do all the work!

    I included a simple to follow CAPX so you can see how I set up my half time video.

    Game Demo is available on Itchio still in Beta:

  • Make the videos about how to turn off adblockers.

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  • Make the videos about how to turn off adblockers.

    LOL- well the video can be about anything you want but my channel has over 13.5 million views and 85,000 subscribers with an average of 6K views a day and those ads bring in a nice amount of money each year so it is definitely something game developers should consider using in their games.

    That new video already has over 200 views in the first hour. How many clicks would you get on a banner in a game in an hour?

    I will be doing better game vids of my games and this is just an example I threw together for the tutorial. I am working on a game channel where I will also do video tutorials for beginners using C2.

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