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  • Hi members,

    I have one noob question, if you all pardon me, I want to know the process how you integrate in app buying in your Game. For example, you game require GOLD / MANA /HP anything which will boost hero health or improve your game.

    # How you put (which code ) in your game for buying gold.

    # suppose two person has opted for gold one from USA and another from China.

    # they have paid gold for suppose $2 each.

    # your game has button for payment and it have redirect to paying portal suppose PAYPAL, Wired anything.

    # Amount has come to your account.

    # Now how do the game app will came to know that you have receive money and it have to give 100 gold coin to which person.


    # Is there any portal where you will describe $2 = 100 gold coin and every payment will be monitored by that portal.

    # now how will your app will confirm and how you program your app that to give 100 gold coin when confirmation of paying is done.

    Please give reply. I have seen many developer has done integration of in-App purchase.

    If some one can give step wise tutorial then it will be great.


  • I think ashley or tom can answer this question.

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  • hey another ice breaking answer. So many senior member and nobody has answer it yet .. i think TheDom can answer this if he can.

  • There's no simple answer to your question. In-App purchases are handled in different ways with different platforms. For example; an app on ITunes has to be configured differently than an app on Google Play for android. In addition it depends on the wrapper your using too (cocoonjs for example).

    I have not yet configured in-app purchases myself but plan to soon and I will post and blog about it when I do.

    However there are also some distribution platforms available now that not only help monetize and distribute but also offer API's that simplify things for in-app purchases to various app store models. I know there are a few in my EBook.

    Of coarse, I suggest you read all the tutorial on in-app purchases to gain as much info as possible. I'm sure your gain some insight on how to define the variables for goldvalues at an actual purchase price.

    You'll have to decide on a platform first.

    I'll check my EBook and PM you something helpful.

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