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  • Hey everbody <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Just found a website where you can host you Construct 2 games

    It's a bit like but it have a nice feature called Indiepad

    Basically it allow you to play your game with your phone thanks to an app : ... o.indiepad

    When you start a game on the website, you can scan a QR code and link the app to the game.

    To integrate it inside your C2 game, you don't need any code or plugin.

    Just use the arrow keys, X, Z and Escape keyboard keys, export to HTML5, upload and your're done.

    You can see a working example here

    Hope you'll enjoy <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    I'm not related in any ways with Indiexpo

  • I'd be interested to know what people think of this vs platforms like Kongregate, Itch etc.

    It's always good to have a bank of reviews to help developers decide where to post their games!

    Plus then if people ask me 'What do you think of X?' I have something useful to say.

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  • I've tried this app and tested a game that I am working for some time now. I've modified the keyboard controls so they match with the app requirements and it works perfectly, instant response from phone to PC (tested with wi-fi). So, if you want to stay comfortable in your bed and play a game or simply if you like using the phone instead of the keyboard, this is the application that you want to have.

  • Amazing work guys! I'm using the app! It works very good! I hope to see soon new games!

    It has a different design from itch and kongregate... it looks mobile friendly and well-ordered. And to add a game that works with indiepad is very easy... Does it work only with Z, X and arrows... right? Nice idea.

  • I haven't tried the webpage for hosting games, but imho it's always good to have more options. And this one with this app looks pretty interesting.

  • Hey there, I'd like to provide some feedback just as requested from one of the developers behind this project.

    I'm going to categorize my feedback into "General" and "Suggestions".


    At first I would like to sum up everything that the project in its current state offers.

    With using Indiexpo you are getting a variety of features like:

    • Upload + free hosting of your games
    • Customizable game page
    • Optional Indiepad support
    • And many more specific features...

    With that said, the feature that really stands out, is the "Indiepad" feature.

    This feature allows users to install the app, scan in a QR code and play your game(s) using a fixed control scheme.

    There is one thing that surprised me the most and that's the latency.

    Measurements on a 6000 kBit/s connection using the Android app showed, that the average latency between

    input and execution is at about ~255ms, which in my opinion is quite impressive.

    I like the idea of having the option to easily setup your smartphone to act as a gamepad a lot.

    It has great potential but it still requires a lot of work from the developers in order to standardize this.


    These are only some suggestions which should/could be implemented in the future:

    • Improving the design and security of the website There are several ways to improve the design in my opinion, also using insecure http in 2016 is really bad! The whole website should be upgraded to HTTPS as soon as possible, options to sign in using social networks would be nice as well.
    • Customizable controls inside the app Let the dev's create custom control schemes for their games. The end-user should also be able to customize the dev's control scheme if he/she doesn't like it.
    • Indiepad support for C2 desktop games This would be a great alternative for users that don't own a gamepad. Pretty much everybody owns a smartphone, why not use it as a gamepad right?
    • More features for the "Points & Levels" One idea would be to have a feature were users can use points to unlock ingame items (basically a form of ingame currency). For C2 specifically this could be done using a plugin, same goes for the desktop Indiepad idea above.

    Again those are just some things that came into my mind while testing everything out.

    We can talk about the details of everything in our Discord as usual. (>Totally not promoting it here<)

    ~ Thanks and feel free to share your opinion about my post below.

  • I like it .

    I think it's very cool to be able to play with your phone as a gamepad.

    I'm interested in that

  • From the official Scirra Twitter account :

    <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_surprised.gif" alt=":o" title="Surprised">

  • Hi guys! I'm helping the staff of indiexpo to test and share this amazing app.... so I report here the latest news:


    Nice news about the indiepad!

    We added a new feature: Add Player. So now, if you're playing at a multiplayer game, you can open the menù, click on Add Player... and your friends can scan the QR Code...and play together!

    No more gamepad in your bag. Just your smartphone.

    Do you want to add your game?

    Very easy. No script and no plugin. You can upload your WebGL or Html5 and now you can set also the keys in the "Upload" page of indiexpo.

    Click on "Add Player" to set the second controller. (now you can set MAX 4 Players)

    Too easy and very fast !

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