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  • Hi,

    We are Shepherd Games, India-based mobile games publisher. We have lunched a puzzle game for android devices for which we will need help in building marketing strategies, improving UX and user retention, increasing the chances of monetization, etc.

    Basically, we are looking for someone who is highly experienced and can thoroughly go through the game, identify the issues and come up with a plan to lead it to success.

    We can't pay you anything but we are ready to share you profits. You will be part of our team working on improving the game strategies.

    We are also interested in entering into partnership on game publishing.

    Here is a short gameplay -

    Message me if you are interested in the offer.

  • Hi, game looks interesting, quick tip for your team to tackle on, i seen on the video, some of the balls, items, interactive objects are a bit confusing to detect what they do, unless there is a tutorial, or you already know what they are doing so 1st step would be make them more obvious of what they are (an example here would be the elastic in the video, if u would be a regular user, you wouldn't know that should be interacted with, unless u would have went through a tutorial of sorts.)

    as for marketing that is more of where, why, when, how long, how much, how often, type of question, and requires time to be put in and perseverance and money in some cases depending on the marketing.

    as for user retention is also a bit more complex but requires a team effort, and continuous improvement, simply put you can raise it by giving users a reason to come back, if you pitch to them the game as a "5 minutes game in the waiting room to the dentist" then that's when they will come back... when they have a new appointment with their doctor.

    all the above are logical aspects, however logical is not always gonna bring you success, to bring it to success it needs a bit of help from the exploitation of impulses and emotions we as humans have.

    if you want to talk some more, leave a email or a form of contact il reach out! :) (the forum doesn't have anymore a private messaging system maybe soon...)

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  • Wow. This is really a useful info. Thanks alot :D. I will first implement the tutorial part. I will definitely need your help so I will message you soon. :D

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