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  • Hi all,

    We are looking for iOS / Android app publishers to help us grow our data partnerships coverage in the US, UK, Russia - and in particular Japan.

    We provide an ultra-lightweight SDK for iOS and Android, and pay out up to $7.50 per 1,000 MAU every month based on where in the world those users are. Our service is completely free from ads, or interruptions and we don’t engage in any form of re-targeting; the data collected is used purely in analysis of consumer trends and market insights at an anonymised, trend-level basis.


    If you have apps with a total reach of 100K+ MAUs in the US, UK, Russia and most importantly Japan, we want to partner with you!


    • 100K+ MAU in the US, UK, RU and JP

    • Location and WiFi services enabled

    • Background location enabled on iOS

    Check out our detailed FAQs and Earnings Estimator on our Publishers page below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.


    We hope you will join us!

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