Huge fps problems on iOS Simulator

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  • Hey guys, I exported my game to Ejecta. My game is running smooth 60 FPS in a browser, Node-Webkit by the way. So, I export my game and when I try it on iOS Simulator on Xcode;

    1)Very low FPS around 10-20 sometimes, hardly, 30 fps

    2)When I try it on an iOS version higher than 5.1, it gives me more than 10 -30 errors. It depends on which iOS version by the way. Higher version means higher errors.

    3)Can you suggest me some basics to do on C2 and Ejecta?

    4)Have you released a game on iOS? If you have, how did you manage to have 30+ FPS

    5)Ashley, If you're there please help me!

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  • The iOS simulator is unreliable, always test on a device. Framerate on the simulator will not be at all accurate.

    Leave the iOS version at 5.1.1, that is the minimum it will support, not whatever you think it means.

    Also, yellow triangles are warning, not errors. So for things like unused variable or if something was deprecated for versions higher than 5.1.1 you will get a warning. Don't worry about those. The red ones are the errors, and you will not be able to successfully build if you have red ones.

    Hope that helps, good luck!

  • Oh i said errors snap! I meant warnings but hey thank you for any kind of info!

  • There might be issue regarding memory..

    If you haven't done so already make sure all your sprites & tiled backgrounds are of power of 2 .

    • nothing should be greater than 512x512

    My Game: Don't Crash Dummy is on iOS: ... 45677?mt=8

    Also make sure you get rid of the mouse object & keyboard if you have them in there still.

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