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  • Hello

    Im searching for possiblities to make my HTML5 Game also offline playable for the common browser IE, Firefox and Chrome. So far i found these solution, but none of them work in the browsers IE, Chrome, Firefox:

    1. Export the HTML5 Game, file protocoll (only works in firefox)

    2. Export to WebServer with the Offline Browser Feature (only works in Firefox, IE removed this features in version 11)

    3. Chrome App store, of course only works in Chrome.

    As you seen so far none of those work in IE 11 but its still the most used Browser in Companies so my game must be playable with IE 11.

    Is there any chance you can configure the browser IE and Chrome in #1 to work? I know it blocks cause of the security issues.

    Any input or new ideas i didnt think of im happy to hear.

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  • I though the offline.appcache file made offline support work in all browser if it has been loaded at least once in said browser, without having to enable offline browsing.

  • what i know about offline.apache is that its used to be able to save on local , not only to use out of internet. im guessing its same thing eh.. it should work

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