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  • Hey guys!

    I uploaded a game on Itch.IO with a .ZIP made from a game exported in the HTML5 option on Construct2.

    The game seems to start properly but when it's loading, the bar goes almost all the way but stop at like just a tiny bit before completing. And then nothing...

    Do you have any idea why? Or how can I modify something so it works?

    Thanks so much for the help!

  • So, I made some test.

    -I tried to upload the game without the music. Same problem the loading bar goes all the way but the game doesn't start. It's stuck to the loading icons page.

    -I tried to upload of the game with the Loader layout ON and the loading bar was way faster to go all the way but the game is still stuck.

    -I tried another game exported the same way. And It work perfectly. So I will eliminate any problem with Itch.IO

    -I checked the debug mode, and it doesn't show anything.

    I precise that the game works in the Construct2 preview on Chrome and with my phone.

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  • I precise that the loading froze or get stuck even if I try it in Internet Explorer and on Safari.

  • I have the same problem...

  • Do you get any error messages showing in the browser console?

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