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  • Hi everyone,

    As an indie developer who use's construct 2. I found a problem. I only release my construct 2 games on android as that's where I have had most of my success. As i'm earning money from advertising on my android games, It feels wrong to release it on the web on lets say without ad's and instead ask for donations (which will guarantee you less earnings). Then there's other sites that earn you a percentage from your games views. So I decided that an arcade was needed to be made for developers by a developer.

    So I decided to do just that.

    The release of the alpha has arrived. Not all features are in place and the site will evolve. Currently I have integrated a method of earning 100% from your game plays by integrating This may not stay like this and earning options can hopefully evolve but currently is a quick, easy and low payout option that every player will be forced to view before playing your free game.

    Not only this, your game will be hosted for free by the play service and is quick and easy to create an account and add your game. It literally will take you 5 minutes. Best of all, your game will be added instantly and moderated later!

    Looking forward to see your games on too!

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  • wow! this seems like a good idea! so you host our game, put up some ads, and then take a % from the ads revenue right?

  • Hi Purpletree! What I have done is integrated an ad network called which will allow players to view a website for 5 seconds to be able to play your game. When adding your games you are able to add your id to the game so you will earn 100% of your games players. I don't make anything from the site other then what I do from my own games. I built the site for my own reasons while expanding it out so everyone can use it. My intentions was to create something that I want as a game developer as no other site out there has it.

    If you have any problems let me know.

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