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  • Hey was wondering. I'd like to publish game but only to some person. Is there a way to

    -Publish my game to my own website. How?


    -Is there a website where we can publish our game but only certain person have access to?

  • Yes - you'd simply export the game as HTML5 and then upload the files to your site's public_html via FTP or by your hosts file manager (i.e cPanel)

    You can then use any password protection you would use on a standard webpage; though most hosts will offer a simple though basic password protection feature. Alternatively you can just delist the page from search engines, hide it from crawlers, and give the page address a gibberish title and then share that with your audience.

    If you're using C3 you can create a ephemeral preview that exists for as long as you maintain the preview with Remote Preview

  • But can they play on the site via FTP? I don't want them to download the file.

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  • They wont, FTP is simply the method with the export will be uploaded to the website

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