Hi, Anyone understand where im going wrong?

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  • Hi guys, I finished uploading my game last night to google play, it was a cross platform android APK i uploaded... but for some reason it only shows up when i search it on my computer, not on any of my android devices such as galaxy tab 3 and Archos titanium

    Any reason for this?

    Any solution for this?

    Greatly apreciated if you could help a newbie out, Thanks

  • Google take a while to populate search's with apps. aIn a couple hours you should see it

  • Please be patient, and no need to post the very same message on several forums.

    One topic is enough.

    Same for the publishing/populating/result for your game.

    You should look for the marketing topics already existing on the forums and see how you can actually promote the link you have (from the dev console).

  • Still not up, only visible on PC search, not on android devices, beginning to think ive messed up somehow and made it only available to some android devices? if any at all, although did upload the cross platform, But Ok thanks for the help and sorry Kyatric, understood

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  • I have noticed that it takes a while for my games to show up in searches.

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