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  • Hi guys,

    A few weeks back, i created a 'signed release APK' file with C3 and published to Google Play store. I've since been on Holiday and on my return decided to make some amendments... sadly, I'm having trouble rebuilding the APK as i don't think i have the correct jks file or documented it well :(

    My Question is: I have unpublish the game but can i remove the existing apk from google play and replace it with a fresh apk file?



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  • Hi,

    once an app was uploaded and published with your bundle id, you cannot remove it. You only can unpublish it. If you want to re-upload a new version as an entirly new app, you need to change the bundle id.

    So either you update your old apk (when you have found the accurate key) or you retire it and upload a new version with a diffrent bundle id to your google play account.



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