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  • Basically, I want to sell my app on the Play Store. The money (as far as I know) goes into my Google Wallet, but how do I get it out of there, into my PayPal (or credit card if I have to)? I read sending and receiving money with Google Wallet is US only, but I think it means to and from another Google Wallet account. And if it is, how do non-US companies publish, and get their money to PayPal or whatever? There must be something I'm missing. Someone please run me through the process of using Google Wallet with selling apps on the Play Store.

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  • It is definitely possible to get paid from Google Play when outside of the US.

    Just check your bank and tax infos are correctly inserted in Google Wallet.

    Also, payments will only be made when the amout is more than a certain threshold ($1 I guess) and once per month (around the second day of the month).

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