How to handle the App Licensing for Google play ?

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  • Hello,

    I made a paid app "Football Reverse Engineering" and published for an open alpha test on Google play.

    Inside my C2 app I do not have any handling of the App Licensing verification, which I think is preventing to proceed with the test; right now if you want to test you have to pay and buy the app.

    I tried also the closed loop alpha test , creating a list of allowed users, but the result is the same: you have to buy the app, therefore cannot be tested.

    Is there anyone who can help me on this subject: how to implement the App Licensing Verification for Google PLay?

    Surely I need to know the Construct 2 plugin to use (IAP??) as well as the 3rd party plugin to use with Intel XDK.

    My app is exported from Construct 2 with Cordova and Crosswalk into Intel XDK

    Thanks in advance.


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