Do you guys pay people to promote your apps ?

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  • Hi

    How did you guys promote your games or apps ? Been searching how to improve my game downloads.

    Did some of you uses paid services like this ?

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  • Going into this path as a gamedev, I felt that a good game will sell itself (but it may take some time to gain traction).

    I still feel this way.

    Here's an interesting current breakdown from small time gamedevs: ... fessional/ ... developer/

    Other successful indie devs I have spoken with have always come to the same conclusion: do not pay for reviews, do not buy fake downloads/ratings, don't waste money advertising on browser websites if its for a mobile game (because click-through rate is abysmal).

    The dos: do contact game press and youtube reviews with a alpha/beta build, some will be interested and play it, get their feedback and improve upon it. They are all gamers and if they see their feedback is implemented, they will respect you. If you have $, do spend a small amount on in-game advertising that leads to direct downloads, its a much more effective form of advertising for mobile games. If its not a new or unique game, make damn sure its GREAT to stand a chance.

    There's probably a lot more, I am still learning as I go. But there are a lot of devblogs from successful small indie groups or solo devs.

  • Thanks. I'll do some more research and testing.

  • Thanks these posts are great

  • Hello

    Here I suggest you some effective non paid strategies to increase installs for any application.

    1) Submit Application on different play stores

    2) Submit you app on different app review websites

    3) Do exchange review on social networking sites

    4) Do SMO Work for your app promotion

    5) Follow some offline techniques for app promotion

  • There's a lot you can do for free first, but it takes a bit of work and persistence.

    *Put together a nicely composed e-mail along with press kit containing screenshots, video and link to game.

    *Email it to magazines, local newspaper, gaming sites, reviewers, editors, youtubers, twitchers etc.

    *Be active on social media, engage people.

    *Hand out flyers with promo code outside your local supermarket if you have to.

    *Attend some games conference or other related gathering to promote your game, if there's any related in your area.

    But most importantly! Spend some extra time to polish up your game, to make things as good as you can. Polish the artwork, controls, gameplay, performance, press kit, game description to the best of your abilities, and look what other successful games are doing. That extra Mile will show through, and all players can differentiate between a well made game and a sub-par one, and if they like your game, they will recommend to their friends, coworkers, family, and downloads will grow naturally.

  • I would pay if it works, otherwise i dun think advertising will help much.

  • If you got a great game with simple controls then go for it. Alot of developers do not want to spend money but want to earn millions. Most of the mid size to larger size developers used paid methods to promote thier games. But do research on how to spend properly you need to know things like category targeting and you need to research how many downloads you need to reach top 10 in your category.

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