Getting a physical CD.

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  • Has anyone ever published to physical CD? If so what did you go through? I'm looking to get a physical copy of my first game so I can keep a history of games I make, good or bad.

  • omg don't do that. any time i try to play my old music cd's i get so much trouble. time corrodes them away. the only reason I'd go for a cd would be to do some kind of "special physical edition" (which i definitely wouldnt buy anyway, for in ten years time would be corroded, even if laptops still come with a cd reader by then). labeling and stuff would make it kind of expensive to produce tho, unless you're planning to sell many, many copies -- i made the sheet design for some music bands back in the day, and saw that companies usually offer a better price the more copies you order.

    If you just want to keep a record for yourself, go cloud instead, i'd say...

  • I'd say you should purchase a decent sized external hard drive (Maybe a couple Terabytes they're relatively cheap now) and just use that only as an archive of your finished games. It's good to have a backup anyways and external hardrive is more universal and durable than a disc. Other than that you can upload your games to lol

    I personally wouldn't "publish" anything on CD unless I was selling on a retail level or something like that.

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  • Get a cheap SSD or a flashdrive (they now have them for beyond 100 GB), as flash memory is pretty much nearly guaranteed to last for ages.

  • ...time corrodes them away...

    I'm pretty sure that depends on the quality of the CD. Yes, the CDs I burned in the 90s don't hold up anymore but the CDs I purchased in the 90s still play fine as long as they aren't scratched.

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