How many game websites should you upload to?

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  • When it's all said and done, and you're ready for release.. how many portals do people tend to upload their games to? Is there a limit? Do you just go upload crazy to get as much exposure as possible? I'm actually pretty curious how that works.

  • If was my game and it was free, I would upload to as many portals as I could

  • Yea that's kinda what I was thinkin too haha

  • depends, many websites its good, but you first have to choose, which portals, see how the community of the portal is reviewing games, and what is their involvement, that is, if there is a community. if you want to upload to gameportals without a community, like the type of arcade games, which is spread all around internet, then yea as many as possible, fill it with ads and just wait to see what comes from it.

    if you mean, portals like newgrounds,kong,scirra, etc ... i dont know many as i dont really upload finished games,

    but so far what i seen from my demos posted:

    kongregate community is barelly checking new games, unless is some epic game that was featured in steam or some gamedb.

    newgrounds, could be the best choice, however having the kids there learning to code, theyl rate your game bad untill the point is automatically removed even if its a good one.

    scirra arcade can give u some coverage however is not that big, since community here is not about playing games, but making them.

    FGL is more of selling games, and is not publicly available,

    so your best choice would be to place it if its a free game with ads on as many arcade portals as possible, the type of portals like miniclip or themebasedgames/html5games etc etc .

    it all depends what you want from the chosen portal u upload to.

    the bigger the community the bigger are chances that your game will be brutally rejected. even worst... you will have the chance of ruining your reputation as a developer/business. but now all depends on your game, and what you want to achieve(its like 5x time i said it lol, i might have some speech impediment- )

  • thanks for the response!

  • Also consider what TYPE of game you're uploading.

    My games down there in my sig are specifically made for touch screen devices and it can be discouraging getting negative feedback from Newgrounds/Kong as sometimes the mouse isn't really an ideal device to play them.

    I'm a member of a Romhacking site as well and when I talk about CRPGs such as Fallout and Torment I get crickets because kids there a more into consoles and handhelds.

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  • Depends on the game.

    It is not about what portal you put it as much as where you are promoting it.

    Just putting a game on a portal without promoting it in the forums, groups and social networks is useless.

    People will share your links if they like the game so it is always better to have it on your own webskite along with portals and direct them to your website when promoting.

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