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  • Hi everyone, need FREE marketing and promotion for your Indie Games? You can post up your games on our site. Thousands of pageviews per month, 3500 twitter followers and growing. Also a great place to discover new games from all around the World.

  • Thanks for the awesome post fridayjams. I would add one more tip for indie game developers: localize the game into as many languages as you can. It is not as expensive as commercial marketing. You can even do it for free provided that some of your team members speak any other languages than English. At least, you should localize game app store descriptions into the world's top languages. An incredibly important aspect of marketing is making sure people are able to to find you and your game. Traffic from search engines can be a huge boost to an indie game, but not everyone knows how to optimise their product sites for search engines. This is a quick run through of the basics of SEO and should give any indie game developers a head start in the search engines.

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  • Ive posted my game there.

    First try a got 404 error, did it again and posted fine.


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