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  • isn't developers who uses C2 free edition are allowed to publish to Kongregate and Gamejolt?

    I know we can, or am I wrong? I'm confused.

  • Well. I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to publish there, cause they/you make money through the ad-system, which makes it commercial. It's just like putting ads in your app.

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  • Beaverlicious oh, I was publishing there so people can see my game, I DON'T CARE for revenue, is there anyway to stop revenue?

  • Well i'm not sure, but I guess there is absolutely no way to avoid that, cause it's the way these sites generate their income. Just buy the liscence and you never need to worry about such questions anymore

  • It's written on the scirra site:

  • I'm feeling it's too difficult to make a game with all this limits and rules! I liked Kongregate so much!

  • You could also directly ask the support about if it is possible to have non-revenue kongregate games or not, you would have the definite awnser.

  • Aphrodite , I will try, but what I want to say that lot of newbies & Who uses free edition uploads to Kongregate. I want to upload there since the game will be more reachable, while if it it in dropbox for example, only who has the link will play it. That's the main idea

    edit: I embed from dropbox to Kongeregate if that makes a difference.

  • The Scirra Arcade is the perfect place for free users to upload their creations

  • yes, but the scirra arcade has a lot of bugs & mr. Tom said he is going to update the arcade and he added screenshot but he is busy I guess.

  • Naji

    You should definitely save some money for the Liscence! It´s worth it! A zillion more possibilities!

  • I agree with the beaver. A license opens up a whole new world of opportunities! You can make much bigger and higher quality games + you have access to all the betas! My current game has over 650 events!

  • My friendly advice.

    1. Keep updating your game to make it better, no game is ever perfect.

    2. Save a coin here and there, save a dollar here and there, don't buy anything you don't really need.

    3. Keep updating you game.

    4. It could take you a week/month/year but you will soon have enough to buy a license and not have to worry so much.

    5. Good luck!

  • Naji Say that game you want everyone to see becomes a big hit, what are you going to do then? you cant get revenue and then you might even get banned from Scirra for breaking their rules! The Personal license was the best thing i did after i worked with the free version for Months before i bought one to make sure it was what i wanted AND IT WAS lol Said it best! work on that game while earning money to but a personal license.

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