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  • Hi everyone,

    I've spent the better part of this week trying to get my website up and running, and getting everything in order on amazon, paypal and kickstarter, in order to be ready for my first project when the time comes. I've got a couple of project's going, in the very early stages, however lately it seem's I've got more resource creation happening than anything else.

    What I'd like to do, is perhap's create a first project, or 2, on kickstarter with resource pack's. What I had in mind, for those that have been down this road, was a kickstarter music pack, and asset pack. The music pack would be reminiscent of the 16bit era days (SNES/Sega), which I haven't decided on the amount of track's as of yet. It would include a few different track's for most of a project's area's (town's, dungeons, ect). One of the neater thought's behind it, would be giving it freely for use to everyone upon completion, in both commercial and private works here. The pack's would be very cost effective to create through kickstarter (no 25,000$ goals XD), but rather something way more appropriate (maybe 2,500$?), or something reasonable. Upon completion, the pack would immediately be hosted on my website, and freely available here to the other Dev's that wanted to use them. Any suggestion's or experience along these lines is definitely welcome.

    The art pack would be much the same. I'm debating a chibi type character pack initially, which would follow the same guidelines basically, and be freely available upon completion as well.

    Some pertinent question's :

    1. While I'd love to give the pack's away upon completion, it may not be a wise idea. Kickstarter rewards might be geared against that specifically, and I'd have no problem changing it to a small-cost pay for download option as well. I'm on the fences as to which is better.

    2. Would setting small project's like this, to get used to kickstarter, be a good idea for gaining a following before releasing a large project?

    3. Would the community here be interested in something along these lines?


    lol. I'll just stick with the game plan so far, guess it couldn't hurt. With a little luck, the website will be up tommorrow. It will have a update on what's in the works, and with a little luck I'll be up and running on my first kickstarter by Friday of this week. For those interested atall, I'll make a post when it's done with some snazzy links .

    I'll keep an eye on this thread, as I still could definitely use the experience and feedback.


  • Wait dude... Have you made a game yet? If not you are seriously running before you can walk with setting up a Amazon and Paypal account.

    Your resources will have to be of a VERY high standard in order for people to pay. Unlike the humble art/music bundles (or whatever bundle it was) this money is not for charity, it's for you to make video games, something you have not proven to be able to do.

  • Understandable reply, really.

    The short answer is no, I haven't released my project's yet. To be honest, that's actually the point behind this thread. I can definitely appreciate your position on the topic, so let me be finitely clear on what I'm doing here, and what' I'd enjoy hearing some feedback on.

    I see project's rushed out all the time, here, elsewhere, and usually with little success or none. A lot of this is due to simple app's/games created ala flappy bird style, or tutorial based games turned to monetization. These normally fail kickstarter, or bring next to no income in most cases, and I can understand why. This is one issue I'd like to avoid, and the more I read regarding it, a lot has to do with quality issues or advertising problems.

    That's one reason powering me to create the website currently. It seemed like a good idea to have all my creation's under one roof, allowing creators/gamers to check out what I've got cooking, all in one place. A place to purchase any content I've released securely, and a backbone for providing extra information for kickstarter project's when the time comes. It will also host a lot of content available for free, that I've worked on, for inclusion in someone's project.

    Regarding kickstarter, I need some experience with it. I have been reading up as much as I can, and a lot of project's missing goal's seems due to advertisement, and high goal pricing. What I had in mind initially, would be very cost effective music/asset pack's, containing resource's for other developer's to use, and totally free-to-use in project's for anyone upon completion. I like this idea, however it poses some problem's with investor rewards on the kickstarter website. This seemed like a good way to gain a advertising and a following prior to attempting anything large. Both the website and the kickstarter project's seem to help each other in multiple way's.

    With the account's setup (kickstarter/paypal/amazon), luckily I've already been setup with most of those for years for my business. The main stuff, was just creating the secure html button's to go on the website, linking them all, creating kickstarter links, ect. Glad to say most of that's done now

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  • Kickstarter is overused, I've seen many decent projects fail, people have become more critique on the projects getting funded, you'd have to have something outstanding and eyecandy or past experience (working in the industry) to get funded

    Ask for feedback and build a fan base before going onto kickstarter, this step may tell you if your game is even worth it

  • Thanks Whiteclaws ,

    I'll keep chipping away at it. A shame from what it sounds, kickstarter seem's to be only one of a handful (if that) of sites dedicated to getting indie development's off the ground. As these near completion, I'll try to post up among some of my older rmxp/vx sites and here, maybe spread the word a bit and gain some feedback on some of the work. Appreciate the reply!

  • Show us what you got ... Maybe you'll get some critique?

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