If I have to have a firm to upload my game on Google Play?

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  • Hey, can You tell me if I need a firm to upload my game on Google Play?

    I'm asking because every game I saw has got a company name displayed on beginning.

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  • No you can upload it as an individual. But usually people prefer to upload it using an alias or a studio name instead. But its up to you

  • No, you dont need to. As a matter of fact you can actually find a lot of games under just the author's name (for example: myself )

    If you plan of uploading paid apps or games with in-app purchases, you'll need to make a "google merchant" account and you will be asked about things like your bussiness name and such, but you can just input your personal data.

  • If you are still there or someone else can answer: (excuse my english)

    Can customers view your personal data? in google merchant you must register, for example, contact name, bussiness address, phone number, etc.

    I have no registered bussiness, so this is the first game I develop.

    Can I register with my personal info and still be safe?


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