Where can I find a publisher?

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  • I want to find a publisher to publish my games so it can be seen by lots of gamers, are there publishing companies for hobbyists?

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  • If you've made a game, try putting it on Kongregate.

    As for 'publishing companies', one might consider looking at you if you have a spare $500k (that's how they work).

  • Make a really awesome game first. There are websites where you can sell the rights to your game to other companies and they will promote it for you. https://www.fgl.com/ is probably your best bet at getting started!

  • I'd recommend you to start also playing games.. And I mean: Some real good games during years. So that you'll find what is a good game and what it takes to design and make on.

    And on design .. it's not just graphics or sound effects, also the game logic, the ideas etc. Many (most) of the games these days are just quick re-hashs of the older games. And unfortunately, more ofthen than not, these new ones are just weak imposters.

  • You could also post on itch.io

  • I just reviewed FGL's model, and I really don't think it's a good one. You sign your rights away cheaply no matter what deal you make

  • Hello!

    You can try steam.com, gog.com, itch.io, gamersgate.com, direct2drive.com, indiedb.com and many others. There are quite many up there and it is highly advised to check all of them to see which ones fit your needs. Revise the requirements and guidelines of each website before making any submission. Some platforms take a percentage of your profits. Generally speaking, the more you feature your game, the better!

    Make sure as well to check (http://ConstructG.com) which offers free indie video game publishing and marketing services while allowing you to keep 100% of the profits.

    Good luck with your game!

    All the Best!

  • you can publish on clay io, they have many things including ad.

  • If you want it on android of iOS i have the developers license for both. I'm looking to get a team of game makers together to all develop games and post through them! I'm not interested in money so much as I want to put out good games, message me if you are interested!

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