FGL pluggin v1.7 how to install?..does it work?

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  • Hello, I have c2 version 184 (64bits in one laptop and 32 in the other laptop). I've downloaded the html5sdk-latest (24-11-2014) and when triyng to drag&drop the file fglsdk.c2addon to my Construct 2 project it doesn't allow it (not even in a new project). Also if I put the c2addon file into the install path/exporters/html5/pluggins and restart Construct 2 it doesn't update/get the plugggin...What should I do or what is wrong with the official pugglin for Construct 2?

    Thank you,

    Alfonso Martinez.

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  • Dragging a c2addon onto a Layout should work. Where is this file you are attempting to load?

    Putting the c2addon in the path will not work. You can use Winzip/7zip etc to unpack a c2addon and drag the folder out of the package to the correct Plugin or Behavior location if need be.

  • ok zenox98 it works fine...I have a new laptop and the zip folder shows almost exactle as a normal folder and I did not realize the files werent unzipped...thanks

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