Explain Steam Integration and anti-filesharing to a noob

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  • My project is gaining traction, and I'm predicting that I might be finished in the alpha stage very soon. I've started to think about my project in the long-term, things like kickstarter, promoting, and the like.

    I wanted to get the game on Steam via Greenlight, and that brings up the question: How does Construct mesh with the Steam platform? On that topic, how does Construct mesh with other platforms? (Xbox, Wii U, 3DS), etc. This is the first game I've seriously developed, and this is all new to me.

    The second question is about piracy. I know that preventing all piracy is a flat-out impossibility, but how does this work for Construct? How does buying and installing a game made in Construct work in the file structure?

    What I'm trying to say is: When making my game, all files are stored in the project folder. Right now, if I distributed this to someone else, they could just copy the entire thing, send it out and anyone could play my game though Construct. Why does this idea of drag-n-drop copy piracy not work, and what does Construct do to make piracy not that simple? I have yet to purchase a full-edition of Construct, so I can't export to Node-Webkit, nor understand how doing so would change the way it works now.

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  • so many questions haha i dont have time but i know the answers so ill try and be brief.

    Steam features are partially available via the Greenworks plugin. Search the forums for it.

    Construct 2 has a Wii U export option, but you need to be fully aware of the limitations of the nintendo hardware since its using a web framework (which is why it works with c2). You dont have the full 'power' of the wii u, so testing your game from the ground up on wii u is recommended. You need to submit your game to nintendo to get approved as a nintendo wii u developer, then once that happens, Scirra sends you a plugin to use to build in wii u features.

    Piracy... is piracy. you wont stop it and theres no protection in c2. Node webkit builds your game as an executable .exe (windows) or .app (mac) file. ANyone can copy that and play it. releasing through steam signs the executable so at least its tied to the users account and they must be logged in to play, but thats skirtable.

    dont worry about your game being pirated. wasted effort unless you got a team of people to pay salaries to and your game is missing out on tens of thousands of dollars because of piracy. just get it out there.

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