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  • Hi everyone, just thought I would ask if anyone would be willing to share their experience of any of the publisher/feed providers out there and how they are working for developers as well as publishers/webmasters?

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  • Check what the publishers have published before and how successful the other games are. Don't just go with any publisher just because they can bring your game to a platform.

    A good publisher generates a ton of sales which makes the cut they take from your revenue worth it. But far too many bad publishers just publish your games and do nothing to increase your sales and just take a large chunk of the small revenue you manage to make.

    So a good publisher can be a god send but they are few and far apart.

    And publishers that reach out to you directly are probably one of those you don't want to work with. So research the publisher a lot before signing anything.

  • I don't think he's asking about that. Sounds more like websites like Kongregate, Softgames, Gamepix, Spill, Y8, etc....., not actual console/PC games publishers.

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