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  • Hello All,

    Now that I have a game on most of the app marketplaces I am looking at expanding into the browser based market as well. However, I really have no experience with most of the web based gaming portals and figured I would see what your experiences with them so far have been. I notice that some do exclusives, some do non-exclusives and some do revenue sharing. But I don't know which ones are actually worth it if you want to see any return on your product.

    So far I am looking at FGL, SpilGames, and a couple others but I don't really know which are "good" and which are not. I would prefer up front non-exclusives as I have not heard anything positive about revenue sharing portals so far. I am completely open to your guidance and experience on which portals are worth investing the time to work with for HTML 5 developers.


  • True Valhalla Thanks Matt, I have an email thread going with you as well :) Mainly I am trying to make sure I avoid any of the "Bad" ones, though I must admit I am not sure I even know which are the "Good" ones at this point. As many of the portals seem to place emphasis on your game not being widely known yet, I want to limit the number I submit to in order to not negatively impact the value to those portals that are good to work with.

  • It would be nice to get some names in order to know which ones to post our games to +related experiences to those specific portals, don't you think?

  • That is what I am trying to do with this thread, get a good list of which ones are good, and which are bad and the best way to work with them (Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, Etc...) and what type of payout, etc.. to expect.

  • I am so looking forward to that post :) Any news when it's coming.... eh I'll probably get an email from TV anyways. Looking forward to it :)

  • BluePhaze given your experience in the marketplaces, do you recommend taking a single game and trying to shotgun it everywhere, or do you find that only games with certain features will work in some marketplaces? By this I mean taking into account any limitations in place by wrappers (e.g. CJS) when it comes to Ad networks, IAP, and social integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

    Basically, I have a lofty idea of taking our next game and trying to publish it everywhere and share our experiences in some kind of tutorial. If there are any pitfalls I should avoid out of the gate, that information would be appreciated! I have done quite a bit of information gathering on these forums and have seen the tutorials on CJS+android publishing, as well as the thread about CJS+Apple Store+IAP.

    In addition to testing out marketplaces, I also want to look into the sponsorship route that TV has had so much success with. I'm assuming I need to rip out any IAP code for that, and adjust how Ads are handled as well as social integration.

    Long story short, I basically had the exact same question as you and I really look forward to your update on this, True Valhalla :)

  • True Valhalla Can't wait, I keep staring at the last page in the book waiting for the new info to magically appear :)

  • That sounds like a really helpful list. Guess that's a good reason as any to follow your blog.

  • BluePhaze: If you have a great game please let us know at SOFTGAMES and we can talk about exclusive/non-excl sponsorships! You can send us your game link and we will always take a look, if it fits to our other games! Since construct2 is awesome we even have a special plugin which makes connecting to us like a piece of cake: Thanks and best of success!

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  • Andre Krug I sent you a message. Feel free to follow up with me when you get a chance.

  • True Valhalla Thanks! Can't wait!

  • I have only added a game to kongregate which I made in a few days as a test to see how you actually did it. And it was fairly easy, but the help you get seemed very limited to none, and a lot of people seemed to having problems with different things with no reaction from them, so seemed like it was more or less a site that was just suppose to run it self. So the game worked sort of, but the integration with them wasn't working correctly and not able to find the error and no help from them. I kind of just left it there and think it might have made a few bucks, nothing worth talking about. And seemed like you have to make a REALLY good game to have any chance of making any money there. As there are so many games and if your game is not on the front page it more or less just filling up space as only the most popular games are on the front page or those that pays for ad space. For me it weren't really a problem as I didn't expect the game to do any good anyway. But I wouldn't aim to make a game for such site again, if my goal was to make money on it, it really doesn't seem to be worth the time. Anyway I didn't spend all that much time there, so its just an initial impression of how it worked.

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