Errors when testing and publishing games.

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  • Hello, it has already pass a month since i am facing a problem regarding the publishing of my games on Apple Store and PlayStore, but that is not all, because when i want to test my game on my Iphone or Android mobile phone the game does not starts and the screen turns black. Please help me with this that is making me CRAZY!!!! THANKS!!!!

  • First, you need to give more details about your games issues. The description of your issue is vague. You have to be more thoughtful when explaining your issues if you expect to get a response.

    For example:

    First, What wrapper are your using? CocoonJS? (Sounds like it) If so, what setting are you using?

    Accelerated Canvas/WeGL or System Webview?

    Under what conditions does your game work?

    Then, can you post a .capx.

    Then, if you can, send it to or reach out to the wrapper manufacturer.

    Read the following:

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  • Sir ,

    I successfully made a game and published in android using cocoon js , but as i added "physics behavior" to an object in it ,it fails to display on-screen , black screen flickers , i have used version r139 , with box2d web physics engine.How can i solve the problem , will re-making the game in later versions with cocoon js native as physics engine solve this problem .

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