Error in PUBLISGING!!!!

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  • This is a problem that has been reported and i guess intel and google may trying to fix it. Use phonegap to create your apk file and it will all work fine. Good luck

  • Before you build the APK in Intel XDK, you need to go to Projects( in the upper left) than expand (Build Settings) and change the APP ID and APP Name..then build the APK, then it should upload to GooglePlay.

  • guys ii am having an error when uploading my apk to google play.

    i exported my app in the intel crosswalk for andriod. and it produced a APPNAME.andriod.crosswalk.arm.timspan.apk format. but every time i upload my apk the following error shows:

    Upload failed

    You need to use a different package name because "not.yet.specified" already exists in Google Play.

    Please help me i tried every format out there and still got the same error!

    mybe you can export in other plugin like CocoonJS first.

  • It seems that the APP ID in Cordova Intel XDK was still as "not yet specified", Google playstore require a unique app id.

    So to fix just make sure you have an APP ID in when you create the APK before trying to upload it to the Play Store.

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  • did you change the App ID in intel XDK AND Construct?

    ofcourse you'll have to change the name to something else than not.yet.specified

  • Make sure its a ZIP/WIN.RAR file. If you're gonna upload it onto Sicrra Arcade.

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