Ejecta IAP Restore Purchases not working

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  • Hi all,

    My game got rejected from Apple since it didn't include a "restore purchases" button. Now I actually set up the button (in the Ejecta I found a method "Restore Purchases") - that I have used for it. However I got rejected again from Apple since they say the button doesn't work.

    So when I test it in xcode I see that the button actually triggers:

    [quote:3f0z2us9]2015-01-28 12:19:56.244 Flying Space Ranger[229:11951] IAP: Restore transactions

    in the Console. So it does do something, in fact it looks like it does what it should do (however on the device nothing happens and I am not sure what is supposed to happen here).

    Any hints on what I could be doing wrong?

    I am attaching a screenshot of the event sheet.

    I am thankful for any hint on this.



  • Maybe add a few seconds wait after Restore purchases, before you check the 'has product', as it will take some time to retrieve the listing it from the store.

    There is no 'Restore success' trigger with the native plugin -maybe it's the same as the 'Store listing success' trigger, as the restore is just downloading the list of products/prices/purchased items as far as I know.

    I'm also having trouble with Restore purchases, but I'm using Cranberrys plugin and XDK (iOS). Cranberry's plugin has 'Restore Purchases Success/Fail' trigger, but I can't yet get restore to work. Will keep you posted if I do.

    [EDIT] OK restore purchases is working for me now. I am waiting a generous 5 seconds from the 'Restore Purchases' to allow the listing to complete, and also waiting for a 'Restore Successful' trigger event before checking if the user 'Has a Product' and then processing.

  • Hi aquinn,

    sound good, thanks for your answer. I didn't try the Cranberry plugins yet (actually I think that's the better way since Ejecta is now "out" and phonegap seems to be the better way). I built other things (Leaderscore) on Ejecta for this project as well so I right now I don't feel like chaning yet (at least for this version) but the 5 sec pause sound like to be worth a try. So many thanks, let's see if that works and Apple let's me in.

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  • I was/am a big fan of Ejecta as it really easy to build on iOS. You have complete control of the build, you can use True Type fonts in apps.

    Also the Xcode and the Simulator is great for testing, rather than the laborious build>download>transfer>test process with cloud builders.

    However I recommend the Intel XDK as a close second in terms of workflow. The XDK builds run well on iOS 8 too, and there is broad plugin support, even though there are some annoying audio issues on iOS.

    I still use Ejecta to get iPhone 6+ screenshots in the simulator. I've found no other good way to get them unless you have a physical 6+ device.

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