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  • now obviously I am not expecting thousands of downloads but i wouldn't mind a few. I uploaded my game to the google play store about a week ago and it only has 1 download . I know marketing plays a big part in it but how can I get more recognition for the app.

    I wrapped it using intel xdk. Is there a way to add meta tags through the open source in intel XDK or anyway in general. Key words etc?

    Thank you !

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  • linkman2004 thanks

  • Spread the word, baby. Create a Facebook page and plug the hell out of it. Perhaps you could use project wonderful for advertising. You can pay for advertising or do free 2 day bids as well.

  • So did you find any good way to grow your apps ererer?

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  • genejoke thanks I'll have a look into is

    garyrossiter I just started up on twitter on hopefully make a facebook page over the weekend. I will keep you updated on how it goes

  • ererer there has to be some easy way for app marketing because app marketing is a nightmare right now seems impossible

  • ererer you can make all cool games you want but getting the word out is the real challenge

  • ererer you can make all cool games you want but getting the word out is the real challenge


  • You can use social app marketing: Facebook, Google Plus,'s useful

  • If you plan to make more games in the future, here's a quick online marketing 101 "walk-through":

    1) Setup a blog

    2) Throw in a link to your website in all games

    3) Start blogging about your latest games, the progress, the difficulties you run into etc.

    4) Setup social media accounts (especially Twitter and Facebook), and start sharing your blog posts, latest games, retweet interesting tweets on Twitter, and post games-related images on Facebook.

    5) Make sure that all your games, blogs, and social media accounts have links to each other, so that people can always follow you where ever they are.

    Slowly but steadily you'll start building an audience, and you'll start seeing an increase in downloads. Marketing this way (which is free, by the way) takes time, and you shouldn't expect results overnight. But in the long run, this will help you, and you will start building a fan-base, which you can then move to your newer games once they're ready.

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