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  • It seems that I have reached the point where I must admit to myself that I’m unable to find a way to display web-based ads in my Construct 2 game.

    This is what I tried so far:

    1. AdMob (seems to be just for mobile-platform advertising).

    2. Leadbolt (works for mobile-platform advertising).

    3. CPMfun (didn’t reply to me so far on my question concerning the non-website ads).

    4. New Grounds APIv3 plugins (doesn’t include NG Ads at this moment).

    5. AdSense (seems to demand applying with website and not game).

    6. Ad4game (seems to be just for mobile-platform advertising).

    7. CPMstar (have some-sort-of sponsor system that I don’t get or want).

    8. EpicGameAds (haven’t approved my account yet but they seem to be for flash-games).

    9. AdTomatik (seems to be for websites).

    10. AdvertiseGame (seems to be for websites).

    If anyone has any ideas on how I can proceed with this in any direction (can even be a theoretical direction) please write your idea.

  • ..so the list shortens

    1. AdMob - only mobile platforms.

    2. Leadbolt - only mobile platforms.

    3. CPMfun - Reply to my mail never happened.

    4. New Grounds APIv3 plugins (doesn’t include NG Ads at this moment).

    5. AdSense (seems to demand applying with website and not game).

    6. Ad4game (seems to be just for mobile-platform advertising).

    7. CPMstar - I have been rejected but they will consider new application.

    8. EpicGameAds - My account is still pending.

    9. AdTomatik (seems to be for websites).

    10. AdvertiseGame - They are closing down the service.

    I now believe that the best solution would be to create a website, apply for ads with it and then Iframe the ads into the game

  • I have no idea what's going on.

    I found this page with In-Game Ads tab and signed up:


    ..and then, suddenly, I seem to be a member of something called Id.net with some kind of a 3-part Identity profile <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing">

    Does anyone knows what Id.net is? Does this have anything to do with in-game ads? <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_eek.gif" alt=":shock:" title="Shocked">

  • PavleNikolic

    I know it's part of the Y8 games network, and supposedly id.net has an ads system, but they are for flash, and Unity.

    There is a plug for C2, but it's for login, and leaderboard only.

    You could possibly show ads using an iframe plug showing the flash version.

    Y8 has a lot of users, but I'm somewhat wary of using them as they have a rather complicated set up and asks for lots of id verification, that boasts that it offers some sort of protection.

    And yet my games wound up there without my approval.

    I would add that they were fairly quick to take them down.

    They de-listed the game that was using the url of the site I had uploaded my game to.

    It's like me putting in an Iframe, and loading your game using bandwidth from your site, and calling it my own.

  • Thanx for reply, the id.net does seems a bit overly-complicated just to display ads, I don't think I will explore their features unless I get to the zero-ads point

    However I was approved by EpicGameAds and my ad-test was successful so I will give it a go. They are not really 'cutting-edge' and it looks like they seen a better days but so have I

    I intend to display EpicGameAds with free flash 3D engine called Cyberix3D. The process will be: I export the empty 'level' with ads to swf and then iframe that swf with POD's plugin in C2

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  • We are also looking for a good company for our browser game.

    So far we are trying Propeller ads media (direct ad link) and a custom banner.

    We havent really found any alternatives. How is EpicGameAds? any good?

    • maybe we will try that too.
  • Sorry for a late reply, I wasn't checking Construct 2 forum for a longer time.

    EpicGameAds are easy to implement through DivPod plugin but the CPM (sometimes under 0,02) is terrible and their site and forum seem almost abandon. I haven't reached a limit for money transaction while I was using them but I am sure that support in case of problems in that area would be less then adequate.

  • hi.. is PropellerAds available?

    is it works for Construct 2??

    let me know thanks.

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