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    Updates, I am looking to implement a auto update system.

    Anyone have experience with Auto Update APK?

    Anyone have recommendations with another service that doesn't require 3rd party install and can be built into game/app.

    Usage would be:


    For the last couple months I have been busy putting together a shop that can sell apps/games without relying on marketplaces.

    It is supposed to be a place that users can purchase games directly. Single purchases, combo's, specials, coupons etc

    Upon payment (multiple gateways) They get an email that has auto generated software license keys linked to their account, and download links to purchases.

    Currently user clicks link and apk downloads, then asks to be installed. User installs.

    When they run app/game it asks them insert license key that does a check and unlocks game.

    Updates will be released to active key holders, but the hiccup is the updating process... The whole system above is useless if user has to uninstall and reinstall with each patch release.

    Any views / recommendations

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  • Google auto updater also works well, but you have to have apk on their servers.

    This looks great, but it isn't being developed anymore, and I haven't the time to pick up another project.

    Another open source updater but it too seems shelved.

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