Dealing with piracy on android

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  • I've released my game, but only on iOS as a premium app, rather than free with ads. The reason I haven't posted an android version yet is because withtout ads(I have no idea which path or plugin will be obsolete if I tried to now after how seemingly impossible just getting a working wrapper was. It's literally a miracle the game is functioning at all.)without ads, and as just a paid premium game, you'll find it for free on a foreign website in no time.

    A premium game isn't so bad on iOS due to all its restrictions, but on android, your basically asking for your game to be pirated to a million foreign pirate sites for free. At least if its already free with ads, it lessens the impact, since I hear the ads will still work even in other countries. I don't know, I'll probably cave and just let it be and move on to the next game.

  • You will find, if people like your game and it is good they will buy it. Piracy is not much of an issue. If anything, it could help sales with people trying before they buy it.

    Really I wouldn't worry about it. You are only hurting yourself by not releasing and worrying about the piracy.

  • If ashley had this concern we wouldn't have Construct.

    I say go ahead and put on android too.

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  • Even if you get massively pirated on Android, the popularity will leak into iOS sales as word-of-mouth spreads.

    Piracy really only hurts people who fight the pirates with nasty DRM, as even the big companies make a lot more than they would like to admit despite high piracy levels.

  • you can keep it free and add something like skins in cs go or league of legends. The best way if a market makes prices on your skins then people will be selling and buying it in many places like Then you are an owner of electronic goods

    For sure you should take a look on gaming economy like currency. Just take a look of value for buy wow gold which is worth more than Venezuela Bolivar right now. Sad but true..

  • What’s the benefit of pirating free apps? What’s there to gain?

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