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  • I've compiled my game with Android corssWalk, I tested it with Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note, both are working fine with good speed, but When I tested in Galaxy tab 3, the performance was so bad, all of the mentioned devices are running the same Android version 4.2.

    so is the problem related to the device itself or to my game and do you have any advises to make the game running faster.

  • Recompiled your game with the new version of XDK v769 intel crosswalk.

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  • Try Chrome for Android. If it's slow there too, it's probably a blacklisted graphics driver. I think Crosswalk will be adding a "skip blacklist" option at some point, but note some devices will display a blank screen or crash on startup if you skip the blacklist - devices are usually blacklisted for good reason.

  • Having myself a galaxy tab 3, i can confirm that the graphic driver is blacklisted, fortunettelly, I can confirm that disabling the blacklist in that case is working great (I think it is blacklisted only for a non-problematic reason)

  • hi Aphrodite,

    could you please advise how we can disable the blacklist?

  • Aphrodite I'd like to know too, my galaxy S3 started to render con Canvas2D instead of WebGL and performance really dropped. how can i disable the balcklist?

  • Wasn't notified before, sorry.

    I was talking about the chrome blacklist, which also is the same as crosswalk I guessed, was just trying to say that in some cases blacklist was there for reasons that does not affect C2 games.

    For crosswalk we have to wait for now.

    shadiho Sargas

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