Can I use CreativeCommons licensed music?

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  • So I am currently in search of music (more like sound effects) for my projects and I bumped on site called freesound (cant post link yet since my post count is low atm). Sounds in there are mostly under various CC licenses and I am wondering if I can use them in my projects if I wanna monetise them in the future?

    I understand from the license mumbo jubo speech that I cant sell the sounds and effects 'per se' but if I use them in my work that I am going to sell all I have to do is post an aknowledgement for the people I used music from?

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  • ones you make revenue from your game by selling the game with his song inside then you will have to give the guy a % or buy a license from him, but... if you game is free, and you have only adds and in-game monetary system that doesn't require for the game to be bought. then your partially safe.

    but you still use the song in a potential making cash game, so he might contact you first then if you dont answer will sue you.

    and yes if you did used some people songs, well its not always necessarily for u to add the credit line for the song, unless he specifically asks for. so you'd be impressed how easy is to get a song to be licensed. and i wold suggest you to contact the sellers or the author, to get a license from him, and will make your life much easier later, if you contact let him know ur a startup developer and u need a cheap license of the song and he will make you a list of prices or tell u if he will charge u anything. i hope it helps, you have to contact the author or the people that has the publishing rights, which is stated in the song download page.

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  • I would suggest using royalty free music instead, where you actually bought the track for use in a commercial project. That should keep you covered. Maybe you have to pay a small fee usually around (10-50€) for a song on places like or scirra store, but the songs can be used commercially. Creative commons i would say is for artists to use and alter and re-upload somewhere (mentioning original artist) and not earning any money on it.

    Althogh some CC licences allows you to use the track commercially but as long as you mention the original artist. I would probably cover my back with royalty free music where you actually can prove that you bought it and have a right to use it.

  • What you are looking for is stuff that has the CC0 license:

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