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  • Have been considering building a PI image to run as standalone construct 2 game console.

    Idea would be to install on a base image of PI OS (TBD) the Chromium browser (for playing the games) and Nginx to act as webserver (configured for the various construct 2 Mime mappings).

    The webserver would host a very simple application, which would show the names of the construct games which had been installed (e.g. exported as websites and copied to specific folder).

    The PI would be set to boot with browser displayed at full screen, so you could select games.

    If I started pulling this together would anyone else be interested in it (if so would put up on GITHUB).

  • I don't think the Pi's strong enough.

  • And I don't really understand what you're talking about... too many technical terms, lool, I'm a noob.

  • The general idea of building a pseudo-console with a Pi is certainly fun. There are enthusiasts who have built similar things, mostly for emulation though.

    Pretty sure the original Pi won't cut it (I do own one), however The Raspberry Pi 2 comes with quite a bit of extra power and might be more suitable for such an endeavor. Certainly worth a try at least.

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  • I read recently that they were going to start selling custom editions of the Pi, built to order specs, keep in mind thats bulk orders.

    The Chip computer set to come out this year supposedly, should have the power to run games.

    No idea on its gpu however.

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