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  • I'm trying to fit Construct 2 games into a responsive Bootstrap <div>, but it seems to stop the game from fully loading, so I never see whether it becomes responsive or not. I can't find any tutorials about Construct 2 in responsive sites (where I'm putting it into my own site structure with masthead, navigation, footer, etc.), does anyone have any suggestions?

    I don't want it to be full-screen, but I want it to be 100% width in my responsive <div> which does fill the width of each respective device monitor.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  • That may be a limitation of your website host and page parameters.

    Some hosts do not allow very large games that eat up lots of bandwidth.

    You can host it on the C2 arcade or on Kongregate and call it up on your own website and that saves your bandwidth.

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