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  • Hi everyone!

    If you didn't know already, I've started doing Twitch streams twice a week. One for playing games built using Construct, and one where I build a game!

    (If you want to give us a follow, we're ConstructTeam)

    Seeing as streaming is becoming more and more popular, I thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread where users can share their channels if they're doing Construct content! Streaming is a great way to start building a community around yourself, game or studio, which in turn can help you with marketing your creations. The more people that know about and like what you're making, the more people you have who can spread your message!

    So, if you're creating a game in Construct and you're streaming as you go, let us know! It would be good to find some channels to host when we're offline too!

    If you're streaming on another service, like YouTube or Mixer, tell us about those too. Happy to add links to this post!

    Construct Twitch Streamers:

    ConstructTeam - Official Twitch channel streaming game dev in Construct 3 and games made in Construct engines.

    LukeWolfGames - Luke's making a 2d puzzle adventure game in Construct 3


  • Hey!

    My name is Luke. I'm from Australia and I'm using Construct 3 to create my game called Chomp 'N' Cheeky which is a 2D puzzle adventure game. I stream Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM Australian Sydney Time. Here's a link to my channel:

    I've been streaming since the 8th of July and looking to build a community around my games and meet some awesome people!

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  • Hey. I changed my name from LukeNecklace to LukeWolfGames on all social platforms so my new Twitch channel is

  • Updated the OP to change your details LukeWolf :)

  • Hi Laura,

    I hope this is not off-topic, but is there any way to suggest games made with C3 that could be shown on your stream? I think it would be very encouraging for users to see their games recognized and promoted by the C3 team itself.

  • CreativeMindThere's a suggestion box on our Twitch channel where people can post games they'd like to play and vote on those suggestions!

    It's in the panels below the video player on desktop and should be in an info panel if you're on mobile.

    Plus, when it's time to pick a new game, I generally run a poll on the ConstructTeam twitter account with an option for people to comment with a different game.

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