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  • Hi all.

    First post so be kind.

    I am developing a game and like most creatives, am not too great with the business side of things. So my question is, are there any companies / organisations that take your game and publish for you, perhaps taking a percentage of revenues as a fee?



  •, they have two different gameshops for non-exclusive licensing and if you implement their SDK (really easy to do) they will publish it to all sorts of stores and websites (currently Amazon Appstore, Google Play, Big Rebel Games..), you will get 70% of the revenue they make, either of ads and from selling non-exclusive licenses.

    Youre a little late, till the end of last year they also paid 200$ in advance for every game that had the SDK implemented. Another good thing about FGL is that you get a detailed QA, that means they play your game and give you feedback on what you should improve or ad and they make a functional QA where they test your game on different devices and tell you if there are bugs.

    There are some others but i dont think they are good, i didnt make any money from them.

    But i would advice you to self publish to Playstore, Amazon and iOS if its possible for you.

    Also for non-exclusive or exclusive licensing it seems to me your better off contacting the publishers yourself.

  • Many thanks fldr I will take a look. The truth is I am very new to this but have self published other things, non games in the past and found it a lot of work for little reward.

    Many thanks for your reply.


  • yeah, youre wright, its a lot of work and most sponsors/publishers dont even reply, but if they do "you have your foot in the door", means you have a direct contact person for future projects and even if they dont like your game they give very valuable infos on what they want and what type of games sell good at this time.

  • Where do you find these companies, is there a list of the main players?

    Thanks rbs13

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  • you can find some of them on in the sponsors forum, but everyone can see these emailadresses so i think the people get spammed a lot and so dont reply to many offers (i only got one deal there)

    about half a year ago i emailed every sponsor thats listed there, got more "email adress doesnt exist" then real replys and made one sale (to a sponsor that just arrived there, they are "overfed" now too :/ ).

    there are two dudes that SELL theyre lists (google "making money with html5" or neoprofessor, they are both on this forum here, the guy that sells the "making money with html5" book claims that he made a lot of cash with his games but when you look at his games.. they are not too bad but also not great, i cant really believe all these numbers he posts), i dont really trust that these contacts are different from the ones you find at, even if its not the same contacts i think the problem is the same, many people get these contacts so they get picky or even shut the whole email adress down and dont reply.

    im not alone with this opinion, i did read many times that people say "search for gaming portals and contact them", i think thats a good strategy, but like you said, a lot of work and i didnt found the time so far to do it. From my sight its hard to find sponsors but even on its not easy to make sales. Hard business when you dont have a really really good game (my games seem to be not so good ^^)

    Edit: i stand corrected, just made my first non-exclusive sale over FGL "old" gameshop

  • Thanks so much for your replies fldr, you have been really helpful, and good luck with your games!



  • fldr did you sell your game to FGL or monetized it?

  • FGL doesnt buy the games, you can either sell licenses over FGL to publishers or let FGL monetize your games by publishing them to amazon and co wih ads inegrated

  • Thanks fldr!

    Those are very detailed informations and also new ones to me. I know of FGL but they demand to much of paperwork to get yourself registered there, that I wouldn't mind now though. Do you or does anybody else here have some deals/experiences in FGL?

    I know of the second guy you are talking about. The numbers are insane, but still I like to believe. I think its a unknown gap of knowledge and skills in marketing that he is by far superior than many of us here.

    There's so few information about this kind of mater on the internet and all very hard to find since not everybody feel like talking about their secrets of success.

    I've spend days programming until I felt asleep at my desk. Do new html5 developers even get any chances out there or is this all a hustle for nothing?

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