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  • This may be a dumb question but I couldn't find a definitive answer.. If I how my game made from the free version and it is free to play and I am NOT generating ad revenue.. Is it considered commercial use to have a PayPal donate button on my website for friends and family to contribute so I can purchase my license.... Again not charging for the game.. It is free to play and no ad revenue.. Just donations .. Commercial use or no?

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  • bshane651 Hmm... even if it is a PayPal button on your website for donations, since it's relating to your efforts with the game, the suggestive thought becomes, "Like my game? Donate to support further efforts!". This involves the game playing a part in someone's decision to give you money or not, and could technically be called revenue generated from the game. You'd have to ask Ashley or Tom, but my guess (from my completely literal mindset) is that it wouldn't be permitted.

  • Thank you.Maybe one of them can chime in here for me, ivd tried to pm its been down,,, i dont see the distincition from this and hosting the game in the arcade while having a kickstarter, or even weblinking a kickstarter within your arcade game itself.(ive seen both). its clearly not addressed in the licensing agreements, i reread them again to make sure.. but my express intent is to buy the software.. I think that Ashley is awesome and given an awesome piece of software to the world. i have no problem paying for it.. just gotta raise the money... I guess if he's totally against it I will respect that and un-embed the game, and just have a project video

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