Chomp 'N' Cheeky (Shareware) released!

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  • Hello my awesome fellow Construct community people!

    I have released a shareware alpha version of my Chomp 'N' Cheeky game. You can play it here:

    Click here to play Chomp 'N' Cheeky (Shareware)

    This is the shareware, which means that I am allowing people to play a portion of the game for free. The shareware version is currently in browser. The full version is not released and is still in development but will be available on desktop before I optimise it for mobile.


    This version is currently alpha so please expect the following:

    1. Currently no sound or music. This will be added but I am not ready to do that yet!

    2. The graphics are not final. I plan on enhancing the graphics once I have completed adding all features and content in the full version (I will also be looking for graphics designer to help me out here).

    3. The game play is complete but still open to enhancements where needed.

    4. I do not have any plans for multi-player because this is my first commercial game.

    5. If you find any bugs, please use the in-game bug report form to report them.

    6. Only compatible via PC at the moment. Mobile compatibility is planned after full version is complete.

    7. It is recommended to view the game in full screen!


    I am streaming live development work of Chomp 'N' Cheeky weekdays starting 9:00AM on Twitch for 7 hours up until 4:00PM Australian Sydney time. Your support would be much appreciated!

    Click here for my Twitch channel to support me with your contribution live and daily!

    Note: I started streaming on the 8th of July. I do save recent broadcasts, so feel free to check out my VODs there if you want to catch up, but you can also tune in between 9:00AM and 4:00PM Monday to Friday Australian Sydney time to be with me while I work on the game!

    Click here for my Twitter to get regular updates!

    Click here for my YouTube Channel to get video updates!

    Note: I have not yet uploaded any videos on Chomp 'N' Cheeky yet, but I will be uploading a video soon to log a video update on a minor release I did last week. The two videos I currently have there are reviewing someone else's video game which I was doing before I started streaming. It might be something I do on the side to help other game designers as well but I need to get more organised before making that decision.

    Just following me is much appreciated, especially on Twitch since most of my content is on there.


    Currently, I am still enhancing the shareware version of the game before continuing level development in the full version.

    There's a lot of people around this forum that I want to thank for their help. I plan on adding their names to my game's credits feature when I get around to making it. I will be in touch around here looking for certain users' permission to put their name in the credits (even if it's just a forum username it's fine).

    If anyone else is streaming Construct developing their games, please let me know, I'll be happy to support them too as much as I can!

    I hope you lovely people enjoy the game!

    Any questions? Just let me know!

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  • Video update for v1.1.2-alpha:

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