Buttons not touchable on apk build

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  • Since there is no Bugs thread for Construct 3, I believe this is where I should post this.

    So, I built an apk for my first google play store app. Upon downloading the app to my kids phones, we noticed the buttons were not working with touch inputs.

    I debugged, and nothing seems wrong in c3. So I downloaded to my phone and had same results. I worked on figuring out if it was a specific touch event that differed, but found that by testing sprites instead, they worked instead, and buttons did not work.

    I found that out, as well as using sprites let me not have to have 2 conditions for the mouse either, so the code got shorter. Good thing.

    But, the focus here is that for my situation, using buttons and ANY action related to such on an apk build from signed apk distributed either locally or on the store as an official app, failed to recognize the buttons. I ended up having to quickly change the buttons to custom sprites and re-upload a new release asap.

    Just a heads up on the production side of c3. Hope that helps :)

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  • Report the bugs here github.com/Scirra/Construct-3-bugs/issues

    Reporting bugs is better than using workarounds as they may affect other users !

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