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  • When you decide to publish your game(s) to the various platforms, do you also obtain (i.e., go out and pay for) a business license? For those of you that have done this, would you recommend doing it? Are there particular reasons one should buy a business license? Or does it not necessarily matter if you're a developer team of less than 3 people?

  • If you make $5,000 or more off of your games then you need a business license.

  • Number of people working on the project doesn't matter.

    1 person earning $6000 total from 1 or more projects is a business licence.

    10 people earning $3000 total from one or more projects isn't a business licence.

    I do have a technical follow up question though. If there's say 4 people working together, and the project earns $8000 in total, meaning $2000 per person, is this a business licence? (might wish to define this in terms & conditions).

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  • How Construct2 Licenses work.

    Licenses are nominal, which means you either have a license per person working on the project.

    Or, as a company you can have the license attributed to a computer, but only have one person working on it at the time.

    Size of the team doesn't matter, and Business license is a requisite from the moment you made past 5000$ from your works with Construct2.

    In case of doubt nor to get confirmations of special cases like Aurora Australis' question send an email to where either Tom or Ashley will be able to answer.

  • Thank you for all the responses. I just realized I asked this question without the intent fully explained on my side, sorry about that.

    I'm really wondering about business licenses outside of Construct2. So, for example, you make a game and publish it to some platform. Do you also feel the need to purchase a business license (like an LLC) so your games are associated with that business? As opposed to being associated with you as a person?

    I really do appreciate your earlier responses and fully understand how the wording of my post would lead everyone to think I was talking about Construct 2 business licenses, rather than general making a company business licenses.

  • In most countries, you can operate as a sole trader, using your own personal tax number. You generally don't need a business license to make or sell games. You can also have the option of registering a business name to be linked with your personal tax number (this helps with branding your products).

    But of course you have to check with your own country's taxation department for an 100% answer.

    The same applies with any gaming website you want to post/sell/etc your games on.

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