Best Practices for Making More Money with Mopub and Android.

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  • Looking forward to that tutorials, thanks!!!

  • Hi clockworkmonster--

    There are a number of best practices discussed in the Dev Center: You may also find this doc with best practices more helpful: ... aybook.pdf


  • alicerp


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  • Everyone suspect similar ecpm drop in upcoming year? What you're thinking?

  • Over the past month I made the move to the new admob, where I saw a dramatic decrease in my ad revenue. I have been reading up on Fixes ever since.

    Yesterday I overhauled my entire system, updated and optimized all of my apps, and I went from making $4-$8 daily to well over $200 in a day.

    My apps are relatively new, and do not have as many downloads compatively to a lot of successful developers, I think between 5 apps I have 80,000 total installs and 25,000 active. Which is really low for Google Play.

    A couple things that helped

    - Wrap my apk file in CocoonJS 2.00 Beta (I kept mine at 1.4.7 for too long because I thought this caused the problem)

    - Make Full Screen Interstitial Ads a result of a touch or a button press and ad in a 1 second wait afterwards before anything happens. (Touch screen, show full ad, wait 1 second then go to layout, in some of my games the app wouldn't have time to load the ad before it's called back to the game making my mopub numbers terrible)

    - Fill out everything in Cocoon JS under the ad tab (Even if you aren't using the ad networks, check all of the boxes, even if you aren't publishing on the iOS put the code for the Banner and Fullscreen ads in there anyways. I have no idea why but this was the main thing I did that caused the spike)

    - Use 3 AD Networks Admob, Mobfox, and Millenial Media I have tried all of them, I promise, use these three.

    - Set all of my minimum CPM to 0.35 (I'll experiment with higher and lower numbers, but by keeping it way higher than 0.05 I have weeded out all of the garbage, and my numbers are better as a result, so now I'm being served better ads with higher CPMs.

    I know there's a guy making a class or something, and charging people money for it. I don't agree with trying to make money from a community so I'll do my best to share anything I learn that might be helpful to people trying to make income developing apps.

    I'll probably do a tutorial with pictures and diagrams if you all think It would be helpful.

    Yes. From my personal experience it seems possible to earn some decent money through online app called weone.

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