Best Method of Publishing to Android Google Play?

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  • try to follow Google Play guidelines, maybe there is another requirements you're missing to publish your games.

    If you're talking about me, then I think I kinda solved it, or at least I learned what the problem is. It's the Cocoon Plugins I'm using. I disabled the IAP events and now the app works, so gotta figure out why it's crashing with those....

  • Hello,

    And to sum up?

    What is the best/easiest way to publish a game in Google Play?



  • I was trying to keep it broad because the main question was:

    KeyStore - Signing - ZipAligning

    This was a painful experience for a noob to be undertaking... -_-

    I hate this part so much. Download an old version of java (which u need an oracle business account to get!) because the new ones don't work. I can't remeber what else I had to download at this point, think I ended up with 3 versions of Java XDK, Android XDK, Intel XDK and something else... ALL JUST TO SIGN THE BLOODY THING!

    When doing it manually, save a notepad doc of EVERYTHING you do.

    I used notepad ++, (shift, ctrl,right click to get cmd in the location required)

    There's a tiny program floating around somewhere that can do all this rubbish for you. It's less then a few MB!


    First dozen times I tried to do this I went through the entire process (with a miserably slow net speed) just to keep getting told by google that my apk wasn't zip aligned correctly or something. Days... not just hours..

    So yeh I'm not having fun

    Hahaha LOL. Had the same experience with Advanced + ApkTool and I also have slow internet download especially upload speed. It was a pain testing those all out because I don't want IntelXDK to make me a Keystore automatically but in the end I just went back to IntelXDK to auto-sign my apk for googleplay didn't accept my apk for it isn't signed correctly.

  • I'm really glad too see that I'm not alone in this, thank you every for replying and adding to this thread. It's done a lot for my sanity

    I'm going to go back to basics and make a "hello world" app and see if I can get it from C2 to Google Play. I desperately need to know I can do this.

    I will document everything and post it on here. If all goes well that should be done by 15/2/16


    I the process of creating the hello world app I found a few documents and a guide video specifically for compiling with

    Their documentation is great. I wish this was around 6 months ago. I'd highly recommend running through this video.

    Since running through this stuff I got my app running on my phone first go, what a relief!

    In fact I'm at the point now where I'm considering uninstalling all the excess java rubbish, all the misc SDK's I downloaded and even the Intel XDK!!!

    Cocoon have a stand alone key signer too.

    I'm now back to being a 100% supporter of Cocoon, sorry for ever doubting. Looks like they just hit a transitional rough spot, but they're back to being the best method. Pending further headaches, I'd say This post is solved?

    Just create a Cocoon account, download the latest Java and the apk signing tool, get a google play dev account and use the Cocoon plugins for C2.

  • This Thread has confused me. I have just finished making an interactive book with C2 and want to put it on the google play store so I came on here to find out how to do that. I was under the impression that C2 could produce an app that was ready to go for various platforms depending on what options you chose when you finished it. Is this not the case? It's really too daunting if you have to learn C2, then have to investigate how to then choose another program and learn that in order to publish a finished product. Surely this is not in accordance with how C2 is marketed? I did pay for the program because I wanted to support the developers.

    I like Construct, I could do many things quickly but I agree that, at least for android.

    For android apk is not proving easy to me, seek some documents, solve problems with XDK, plugins admob problems ... etc ...

    I already have my apk but does not work in Android 5.1... and it not know what is the reason!.

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  • Wow I left android development for a while and was going to make a comeback using this tool. If people are having this much problems, I will have to hold off.

    Now I have made very simple games and apps using pure html and javascript but I hate it because its too much coding to make a very simple game. Now for making apk's I used phonegap build. For signing apk's there are some easy tools you can find on XDA - developers website. Or if you want to use various AD network's there is a site called adstoapk which injects ADs into your apk.

    I hope you find a working solution, keep us posting on your progress.

  • Hello, I am actually using Monaca. Is similar to phoneghap but is more easy to publish and test the game.

    I prepared a tutorial: ... ng-monaca/

    Hope it helps

  • Creating the google account is easy, (cost $20 or something).

    As for cocoon.js, it's now, and after they got the bugs out, it's better then ever!

    I managed to get my game on the play store finally! (Drift Cross).

    I've decided on my preferred way of getting games outa C2 and onto the Play Store:

    step 1) uninstall intel xdk and never look back!

    step 2) use which now handles signing! just upload unsigned, config settings, auto sign and compile!

    step 3) upload signed apk to google play!

    .. although I still haven't made my free version with ads yet.

    I've seen a few posts about getting ads working and there's a few things you have to enable in

    By the way, the cocoon forums are great, they've put a tonne of effort into accommodating us C2 users.

    I really don't want to discourage anyone from having a go.

    It's been a very painful process, but if I could go back in time I would do it all again (and wait for to come out first).

    The thing that really threw me was that I was trying to publish during a period where things were in transition and buggy. (plus frustration and lack of sleep)

    That and the Intel XDK and Java DK suck... did a year ago, still do today. I duno what kind of brain you have to be able to understand those kits, but I'm sure it's nothing short of a bachelor degree combined with caffeine induced mental distortion. Sorry but they're just bad.

    If you came to C2 because of it's low coding, object oriented system and don't know how to code like 1337 god... stick with

    Regarding Monaca, I havn't used it but I noticed you get 3 apps with the free account, combine that with Cocoon's 2 and you can work with 5 apps at once, maybe you can cycle out apps that arn't getting worked on and free up a spot for a new one.

    To think it was meant to be a quick, "just get something really simple published" and move on... 1 year later.

    At least I know what I'm in for if I do it again.

  • I personally have no problems with Intel XDK, using version 3088 though

    All my IAP, ads, google play services work, no performance issues on my testing device (samsung a5)

  • If you can figure it out then I'm sure the Intel XDK gives you a lot more control and power.

    I wish that me and the Intel kit clicked, but I think my brain just isn't wired for it.

    I'm sold on the no fuss approach of using, especially considering the level of support for C2 users on their forums.

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