Best hashtags for promoting your game on twitter?

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  • Hello World,

    So I was wondering what would be the best hashtags to use when you try to promote your game on twitter? And by this I mean hashtags that will actually get you some retweets.

    So far I've been using:

    #indiedev - this usually seems to get you at least 1 or 2 retweets

    #android - haven't noticed and retweets so far

    #androidgames - same deal

    #gamedev - posted my game on their website and olso sent out a tweet that used the gamedev hashtag and it got quite a few retweets(around 10 I think). Now whether this is a normal occurrence when using this hash, or it was a fluke, or it happened only because where the ones who tweeted I have no idea.... but it was quite nice.

    So, what about you guys, what experiences have you had with different hashtags and what would you recommend?(I'm only publishing games on android atm, but feel free to talk about iOS tags too in case others might be interested.)

    Thank you.

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  • #screenshotsaturday is the most famous I think, lot's of visibility

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