Asking YouTubers to do a Video on Your Game?

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  • So I finished my second game recently, and it's done decently well. Product life cycle is about over. However, I was thinking about perhaps sending my game to some YouTubers to see if they might want to play through it for a video. I was looking for information about this topic but couldn't find much here.

    Know any YouTubers who tend to play small, browser-based games who might be interested? Is this even standard practice?

  • Your mileage will vary, I don't know much indie focused lets players. Could always make your own video and share it on social media and see if it clicks.

  • Know any YouTubers who tend to play small, browser-based games who might be interested? Is this even standard practice?

    You can find a list of Let's Play-ers here

    There are descriptions of the types of games they generally play, so you can target only those who you think would play your game. Look for those that play Flash or Indie games rather than Browser games, just use Ctrl+F to search for them.

    Even if it's not standard practice, it's better to be pro-active about getting your game out there than hope people stumble across it.

    Just be friendly, informative and to the point when contacting them. Make sure you include a link to your game and a few screenshots or a video you've made, so they can see the game without having to search for it. Something like:

    [quote:1omwgtgh]Hey [let's player],

    I'm an indie dev and I was hoping you'd be interested in doing a Let's Play video about my new game [Game Name] [link to game]

    It's a [platform/genre] game about [this awesome thing] and [that awesome thing], where you have to [do this awesome thing].

    [screenshot 1][screenshot 2][screenshot 3]

    [embedded video]

    Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss anything.

    I look forward to hearing from you and seeing your video.


    [Your Name]

    [Your Studio]

    [link to website]

    [contact details]

    You can use a similar format when contacting games websites for reviews.

    Anyway, I hope that helps.

  • That´s a nice idea:) Even it is not a big marketing boost, it may be funny to see some other people play your game and comment it.

  • Duly noted, thank you all so much!

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  • Hi Canada GDP

    how about if you put a "note" in your game and challenge the player to record the game action and post it on YouTube.

    Best video wins a vacation at the Duck Lake Resort in Saskatchewan (Americans LOVE that place)!

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