Appszoom as a promotion option?

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  • Hi, guys.

    I've received an email from an employee of appszoom offering their services. I did some research and they do reviews (Paid and Free). But I don't know much about this site, neither their credibility or if even worth trying any kind of promotion in there. Also, they already created a page of my app ( ... ossod.html) on their site and, apparently, I must create my account to add more apps and so on.

    Anyone here know something about it?

  • I also got an email from appszoom, and did a little research into it. Bing searched reviews on it and everything that comes up leads me to believe it is a credible site. So, I have decided to give their review service a try. Just applied for it today. I will let you know how it is as soon as I get it.

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  • So far they have been very professional and prompt and do seem to have my best interest in mind. I am very satisfied with their service and would recommend it, don't worry, if they give your game a bad review, they will give you the reasons and will only post it if you request it. They also give you time to make correction before they post it if you want. They will work with you, and if anything your app has another avenue for people to find it for free.

  • Is it free?

  • Hello?

  • Hello?

    Its looks like ApBarain and others of this type. You can publish your app for free on their market, but some of their advanced service are paid.

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