app samurai? Has anyone heard about it ?

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  • 2 days after I published a game on google play I got weird mail from some company named "app samurai" with some app campaign program I can use on their website to increase donwload rate. I never heard of this company and platform. Has anyone got any information about it ? Is it some kind of scam? Because its hard to believe that some company found my game by accident. I only posted info about it on this forum. I can't find any information about this app samurai from reliable source. I am wondering if some of you got similiar mail?

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  • I don't know if it was App Samurai but I did get an email like that from some company.

    Seems like an automated thing where every app added to the playstore gets an "offer" and claim a lot of people go to their site to look for games.

  • I got the same mail from app samurai just after I shared my app on reddit. The mail was about their black friday campaign and I participated in it. Also, I told my friend about this campaign and he participated in it as well, and he got the second prize with $1000 ad credit. as far as I know he used that prize.

    I didn't use their services yet, by the way. it seems that they are new and they are launching these kind of campaigns to promote themselves. also they are fairly active on twitter (you can find them with typing app samurai)

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